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Ingrid Sandy

Head Coach

Colin Headshot.JPG

Colin Keith

Sprint, Hurdles and Strength Training

Ingrid Sandy – is currently the Head Coach for the Kilomaîtres Lasalle track & field since 2018, a member for over 12 years.  She first started working closely with the head coach with the administrative duties, transitioning to coaching which she’s done for over 6 years. Working on and with the committee members she helps to develop a team and athletic program to publicize the members of the community to the joys of track and field.

Her mentoring from the previous head coach (Mike) and her experience attained through coaching the transition, recreative and federation groups, has allowed her skills to nurture and she has successfully developed athletes that have made the Provincial and National level .  Being true to the principles of the team, her encouragement of the pursuit of education has landed several athletes to acquire merit and athletic scholarship to prestigious universities in the USA.


Ingrid holds a NCCP 2 coaching certification in Sprint and hurdles, NACAC continuing Coaches Education Program certification, Physical Literacy certificate and sport education certificate in Sport Medicine.  With her team of coaches, they support, develop and encourage their athletes to greatness.

Colin Keith has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years.  In that time, he has coached track and field starting at the high school level for 8 years then moved on to collegiate level where he led the teams to 4 championships out of the 6 years he coached there.


In addition to training track and field athletes he also volunteered the majority of the 25 years at the YMCA as a certified personal trainer and instructor.  He brings his vast knowledge and experience with working with various age groups to help him handle his dual role as strength and conditioning trainer as well as sprint coach.  

Having joined the Kilomaîtres team in 2014, he has helped athletes reach their potential and groomed several of the athletes to reach the provincial and national stage.


With his continued support to the head coach the athletes have benefited with the knowledge of strength training and agility of speed.

Francisca Russli

Francisca Russli


Francisca Rüssli has been coaching the Kilomaîtres for 17 years, including 13 years as head coach.


Francisca holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Zurich in Switzerland, as well as a diploma in massage therapy (orthotherapist) from the Académie de massage scientifique and a certification as a yoga teacher.


She was a member of the Swiss National Triathlon Team for more than 10 years, Junior European Champion and member of the Swiss National Cycling Team. Francisca has participated in numerous worldwide competitions counting towards the International Triathlon Union (now World Triathlon) World Championship.


As head coach of Kilomaîtres LaSalle, she develops the running and walking programs for the club, prepares and leads the stretching and muscle exercises with coach Karine Champeau, and supervises the road racers. Francisca holds Level I of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in Triathlon and Level II in Athletics (Entraîneur de club - Endurance).


Todd Bertrand

Initiation , Jumps and Throws

Tod Bertrand - he has extensive years of experience with various non-profit organizations throughout Montreal.  These include Vanier College Basketball,  Collège Saint-Louis Lasalle Basketball, Cité-des-Jeunes-Vaudreuil Pavilion High School Basketball, Little Burgundy Big Brothers organization,  Delta Soccer Ste-Dorothée de Laval, that he was involved in since 1989.


His coaching in these various sports and his years as a decathlon athlete have helped him to develop various personal traits that serve in the development of his athletes. This would include but is not limited to mentorship, leadership, education in competition, self-confidence and self-guidance. 

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