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The Club

Club Profile

Founded in 1979 and actively involved in their community, the Kilomaîtres LaSalle are made up of a road running club, a speed walking club and a track & field club for youth and masters. With more than 100 members, the Kilomaîtres LaSalle mainly offer recreational running and speed walking programs to their adult members, and recreational and competitive programs to their track & field athletes.

Since 2000, the Kilomaîtres LaSalle have a Speed Walking club offering training sessions of varying intensity, duration and distances to its members, enabling them to develop good speed walking techniques and improve their cardiovascular and motor skills.

In 2010, the Kilomaîtres LaSalle moved to the Fritz-R.-Prévost track, named after one of the club's main founders. This track is used by adults for interval training and by the track & field athletes for running, hurdling, jumping and throwing.

Parc Riverside

Community Mission

The Kilomaîtres LaSalle are committed to the pursuit of the following goals:

Mission communautaire Kilomaitres Lasalle
  • To maintain, fund, manage and develop a road running club, walking club and track & field club by providing the services of coaches, programs and facilities for those interested in joining and by assisting their members who wish to enter competitions.

  • To organize and hold running, walking and track and field events within their territory.

  • To promote and facilitate the development of running, walking and athletics in their territory, in order to help young people and adults acquire a healthy lifestyle and improve their well-being.

  • To become affiliated with other provincial, national and international organizations and to cooperate in running, walking and track & field events with them; to be represented in the various running and walking competitions in the province and the country.

Board of Directors – Elected members

Serge Beauchamp

Serge Beauchamp

President & Treasurer

Serge Beauchamp has been a member of the Kilomaîtres LaSalle since 2014.


Wanting to get in shape, he was attracted by the Kilomaîtres runners who passed by his house every week.


After an inspiring and motivating meeting with the head coach, he joined the beginners with whom he successfully completed a first 5 km after 6 months of training with a group of enthusiastic runners. This was the first step towards several 10 km, half-marathons, and even a marathon!


As a professional accountant, Serge put his skills to work as club treasurer and two years later, was elected club president and treasurer.

Noella Groleau

Noëlla Groleau


Noëlla Groleau has been a member of the Kilomaîtres LaSalle since 2015.


She started with the beginners and then ran her first 5 km. She moved on to the intermediate group and her running continued to improve thanks to the Kilomaîtres coaches who taught her the basics of running and how to progress at her own pace.


She likes to challenge herself every year and has run a few half-marathons. It is always a pleasure for her to see the club members again and to encourage each other.


She had the desire to get involved in the club and is now in her second term on the Board of Directors.

Madeleine Barrette

Madeleine Barrette

Director, Speed Walking Club

A fan of speed walking and physical activity, Madeleine Barrette has been a regular and dynamic participant of the Kilomaîtres LaSalle since 2014.


Over the years, thanks to the expertise and enthusiasm of the coaches, she notes the improvement in the physical condition and performance of the club's walkers and runners.


Working in the school system as a guidance counsellor, she values a happy balance between work, personal life, sports activity, community involvement and creativity.

Zacharie Turgeon

Zacharie Turgeon

Director, Track & Field

As a long distance runner, Zacharie Turgeon performs regularly in 800 m and 1500 m competitions. He made his track and field debut at a very young age.


Zacharie joined the Kilomaîtres LaSalle in 2017, and his results and performance have only improved since then.


In 2020, Zacharie chose to run for the position of Director, Track & Field Club, on the Board of Directors to become even more involved in the development of the club.

Janie St-Pierre

Janie St-Pierre

Director, Road Running Club

Janie St-Pierre joined the Kilomaîtres LaSalle running beginners group in 2017 with some friends. She improved quickly, which encouraged her to continue with the intermediate and advanced groups, her goal being to improve her half-marathon results.


As a member of the Kilomaîtres LaSalle, Janie not only enjoyed the performance benefits of group training, she also met many motivated and friendly people!


In 2019, she joined the Board of Directors to become more involved in the club and the LaSalle sports community.

Board of Directors – Non-Elected Members

Suzanne Grothe

General Manager

Suzanne Grothe

Suzanne Grothe has been a member of the Kilomaîtres LaSalle since March 2011. One evening, showing up at the club for the first time despite a wet snow storm, she received a warm welcome during a 5 km running training session. She then joined the club with enthusiasm!


Having acquired a solid experience in the management of non-profit organizations, Suzanne accepted the position of Executive Director of the club in 2018. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Greater Montreal Running Circuit, where she represents the Course et marche populaires de LaSalle.


As such, she is pleased to contribute to the development of running, walking and athletics in her community.

Photo Proulx

Richard Proulx


Richard Proulx has served for 30 years in various capacities on the Board of Directors of the Kilomaîtres LaSalle, including two years as President, and also as communications and training program director.


During all these years, he was also one of the main organizers of the Course et marche populaires de LaSalle (CMPL) and a member of the Board of Directors of the Endurance Greater Montreal Running Circuit. As a non-elected member, he advises the current Board of Directors of the Kilomaîtres regarding the management and organization of the Course et marche populaires de LaSalle and the activities and services of the road running club.


Richard has lived through all the major stages of the club's evolution, including the addition of a walking club and of a track and field club to what was originally an adult road running club.

Ingrid Bio.JPG

Ingrid Sandy

Advisor, Track and Field

Ingrid Sandy has been active with the Kilomaîtres  LaSalle for over 12 years.


First as a track mom, then an administrator for Track & Field, then a Sprint and Hurdle coach and is now currently the head coach of the Track and Field division of the Kilomaîtres Lasalle. 

She was on the CA as Director of Athletics for 3 years and has been the Athletic advisor (Track and Field) on the CA since 2018.

Course et marche rapide

Run & Walking Club

514 769-8443  


Track & Field

514 442-7403 

Adresse postale

Mailing address

Les Kilomaîtres LaSalle

C.P. 3022, Succursale Lapierre

LaSalle (Québec)

H8N 3H2

© 2023 Les Kilomaîtres LaSalle 

Nous sommes affiliés à la Fédération québécoise d’athlétisme.


We are affiliated with the Quebec Athletic Federation.

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