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Run & Walk

Road Running & Speed Walking

You can join our road running and speed walking clubs at anytime!



Annual membership: $235.

Seasonal membership: $105. 

(4 months: January to April, May to August, September to December).


Adult Road Running Programs (18 years old +)

Recreational Road Running 

  • Recreational road running group: 3 or 4 training sessions per week (including 2 supervised sessions), from 5 km to a half-marathon.

  • For runners who run primarily for fitness and well-being and who do not necessarily plan to enter competitions.

  • To join the recreational runners, the participant must be able to run 5 km in about 32 minutes and 1 hour continuously.

Kilomaitres Lasalle
Kilomaitres Lasalle

Competitive Road Running

  • Competitive road running group: 4 or 5 training sessions per week (including 2 supervised sessions), from 5 km to a marathon.

  • For advanced runners who can accumulate mileage and who like to take part in competitions. Some target competitions are included in the program in May, September and October.

  • To join the competitive road running group, the participant must be able to run 5 km in about 26 minutes.

Road Running for Beginners


  • Road running for beginners: 2 training sessions per week.

  • For people who want to start running or those who want to get back in shape.

  • Except in the winter, training sessions mainly take place on the track.

  • There are no requirements to join this group.

Kilomaitres Lasalle

Adult Speed Walking Program (18 years old +)

Kilomaitres Lasalle

Speed Walking

  • 3 or 4 training sessions per week (including 2 supervised sessions) on the track, the LaSalle cycling path or Angrignon Park.

  • This walking program which aims at developing one’s cardiovascular and motor skills, is an excellent way to improve your physical condition.

  • During the training sessions, the participants alternate between different walking speeds from a natural pace to a more dynamic pace.


Examples of training programs for the recreational, competitive and speed walking groups:

Training Schedule and Location

Group training sessions supervised by a coach:

Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Point of departure:   Pearson Adult and Career Centre
                              8310, George Street, La

OR Parking of the Fritz-Prévost track (summer)

Operation of our Programs

  • Every four weeks, the head coach sends the group programs to all members by email.

  • Supervised group training sessions on Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM on the Fritz-R.-Prévost track or on the cycling path.

  • All training sessions start with warm-ups and drills and end with stretching and strengthening exercises.

Kilomaitres Lasalle

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Francosca Russli

Francisca Russli

Francisca Rüssli has been coaching the Kilomaîtres for 17 years, including 13 years as head coach.


Francisca holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Zurich in Switzerland, as well as a diploma in massage therapy (orthotherapist) from the Académie de massage scientifique and a certification as a yoga teacher.


She was a member of the Swiss National Triathlon Team for more than 10 years, Junior European Champion and member of the Swiss National Cycling Team. Francisca has participated in numerous worldwide competitions counting towards the International Triathlon Union (now World Triathlon) World Championship.


As head coach of Kilomaîtres LaSalle, she develops the running and walking programs for the club, prepares and leads the stretching and muscle exercises with coach Karine Champeau, and supervises the road racers. Francisca holds Level I of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) in Triathlon and Level II in Athletics (Entraîneur de club - Endurance).

Karine Champeau

Karine Champeau

Karine Champeau is a member of the Kilomaîtres LaSalle coaching staff since 2011, currently coaching the speed walking group.


Karine holds a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from the Université de Montréal and a Master's degree in Human Kinetics from the Université de Sherbrooke where she studied the effects of physical activity on aging.


As a kinesiologist, Karine facilitates the stretching and strengthening sessions of the Kilomaîtres and prepares the strengthening programs that are sent to the members.

You want to join Kilomaîtres LaSalle?

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Annual membership: $235.

Seasonal membership: $105. 

(4 months: January to April, May to August, September to December).

Want to try out and see if you like the group, the programs and the coaches? We'll give you two free sessions to do so!

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